Like breath vapor in the mist, or clouds in the sky, fading, So was your presence in my Life, TRANSIENT…… Here today, gone tomorrow, Lost, into the sea of wishes and hopes Like darkness, at the touch of light. With my dreams you left, Leaving me to ponder, If left was Right, And if Right, […]

I Won’t Tell You

If only you knew, What that love gave me, If only you knew, How it filled my heart. If only you could understand, I would tell you how that love gave me everything. How it taught me to live life, How it taught me to be a better person, How it taught me to love […]

Window Pain

Windows, glass walls between us, I stare, from the outside, cold With misty eyes, shadowed with gloom, Breathe vapor, doing a fading dance in the snow, And like me, slowly it’s lost, in the grip of time.   My heart, Entangled in hate, A love so strong, That shatters panes, Leaving me in pain, As […]


Have been to mountains and valleys, Touched the star dust, And had my foot on the sand grains, I have danced in the sun rays, And swung my hips in the rain drops, In the darkest of nights, My world, has had fireflies, As its knights, In the brightest of days, My world, has drowned, […]

The Teacher

I one day asked papa, What it takes to be a perfect father, He looked deep into my misty eyes and said, “Son I don’t know, coz I aint one”, “But all I know is am trying”, “Trying to fit in the big shoes of ‘The Teacher’”, That Guy, who gave His ONLY son, Who […]

Remember ???

Remember those days, When day and night were both bright? When the sun rays and rain drops Were rays of joy and drops of love? Remember? Remember the little things you used to say, How love was blind but I should not worry, Because your body you gave as Braille, And oh how I learnt […]

For You

This is for lovers and haters alike, To them that believe in love, And them too that think cupid is stupid, This is for me. For you, Who knows love, As the only hate, Love, Love and love again, For to always love, And love in all ways, Is a blessing. For you, Who knows […]