A Dawn… New

a dawn new

I woke up today, a year older. Looked into the mirror hoping to see even a shred of white i hoped I’d look a little bit wiser, but just like yesterday, dark shiny hair is all that covered my head. Disappointed, i go out slowly sipping my coffee as the first rays of the sun kiss the damp morning dew making it sparkle. The chirping of the birds ooh that’s a soundtrack to this unfolding magnificent movie- daybreak. This fascination of sorts adds romance to the french words playing in the theater of my mind- comme une belle fl`eche je vole a la rencontre du soleil.

My favourite poem then comes to mind- and as if igniting a dying fire in me, i lift my hands to the heavens above, my heart dancing to the beat of a myriad possibilities that lie ahead…my lips, carefully kissing the words of this palatial poem.

                Like a beautiful arrow
     thou walkest on the cold sea of life
      with dreams big on thy hands
       an amateur not to disappointments
      a veteran soon of success
       towards the skyline behold thee walks
       majestically as fears are lost
       the darkness that covers thee slowly fading
       as the soft sun rays kiss thy forehead
       a dawn new a daybreak bright
        thy guest the sun shan’t be
        ‘coz like a beautiful arrow
         crafted by a  warrior strong
         thou shalt fly out to meet the sun

The words of this wordsmith, leaves an imprint in my world. A new dawn it is and my good old days are still ahead of me and sure thing, they are bounteous… Happy born day to me.