Return if Possible

return if possible

Into the mist you disappeared,

And the beginning it was,

Of cold nights, and lonely days,

They say grass will grow,

Well, it’s still a desert, though i’m drowning,

Dusty oil lamps,

Stare back in the dark, crumbling temple of my hazy heart,

Cobwebs of memories, spread all over,

Beneath is happiness, chocked,

Tears too, have been dried by the scorching sun of loss,

Ooh… How I miss you,

Return If Possible.

I Burn…

I burn

Tentacles I slowly spread,

Engulf the dark, with light mine,

Timidly, kissing the mountain tops,

The dew on the grass glitter,

Dancing to the beauty of my reflection,

The river of time flows, I gain courage,

And burn with all pride,

I tango with the winds, on the floor of the desert,

Tan skin, and dry the wet sands on the sea shore,

I burn, I burn,

My wrath, peacefully sets, as I rest,

To tomorrow,

Burn and burn again.

BiTs AnD PieCEs

Fading 1

The clouds were teeming with rain,

And from a distant hut, smoke wafted,

You pulled me close…and deeply kissed me,

Held the moment, with the hands of stolen time,

Your fingers dancing on my skin,

And that was goodbye,

The last whole piece of you,

Left me in the tornado of pain and loneliness,

Where my tears, became one with the rain drops,

And bits and pieces that flowed into the river.


Like that smoke, that in the mist disappeared,

So are the memories of the days we shared,

Like leaves, that fall and by the wind swept,

So are the memories of nights you touched me,

The rattling pieces that my heart is,

Reminds me of days we danced in the sunset by the river,

Now all that is left are bits and pieces that slowly fade.


Well, It’s in these bits and pieces,

That I live in the time forgotten,

It’s in these bits and pieces,

That I make snow angels out of sadness,

And wishes, out of worries and loneliness,

It’s in these bits and pieces,

That I reflect on the darkness that lights my world,

And It’s with these bits and pieces,

That I mould you whole, the best way I remember you.

Fading 3

Love Never Fails


“Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. It does not dishonor others, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs.

Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth. It always protects, always trusts, always hopes,

always perseveres.

Love never fails.”

For You

A Book of a Thousand Stories

A slice of me

It’s been two amazing years, penning down my thoughts and painting the world my colour and have had mad fun thanks to you guys and as I begin this next phase, I’d love to start by sharing with the world a few things about me I hope you enjoy.

And here we go.

  1. I am a shy introvert (if at all there is anything like that) and I adore the beauty of silence. I sit, see the world revolving and all I add to it are voices in my head. I see a butterfly beautiful dance in the wind and in my head I scream in ecstasy, I see a poor child and my mind silently whispers how that kid would not be on the streets if only we cared a little bit more, if only we could love a little bit more. Some might think of me as a coward and others deem me wise, well that’s for the world to decide but before you judge me, here is a fact, I am a knight of the pen and don’t they say a pen is mightier than a sword well, I guess then am mightier than Jon Snow, (Game of Thrones) because I have this awesome platform ( where I fight my battles, I write the shortfalls in the society a tall height and I also right the wrongs the best way I know how.
  2. I am ambitious like very ambitious and sometimes my ambitions scare me. I work to one day own a plane, well that may seem way too ambitious considering I don’t even own a bicycle  but yes a man can only dream and work to achieve. Many a times I beat my feet on the dust and such times I wonder if really it’s even wise to dream of owning a plane and there are also days, I wake up watch the shards of the sun rise rays kiss the mountain top, and I can’t help but imagine such a beautiful view from the skies and such are the days I am more than convinced I am not ambitious enough.
  3. Even though ambitious, I love and treasure the simple things in life that mean everything. Like the beauty of the sunrise and the sunset, the beauty of the dandelion in the wind. I love to watch the moon as it stretches it creases to full bloom, as it grows its love from a crescent to a full moon, I like to watch the stars twinkle as they illuminate a myriad reflections of beauty, I like to listen to the tales, the river tells as it slowly meanders through life and I love the smell of the of soil after the rain showers its love. I love the beauty of the unspoken.
  4. True riches is not measured by money and stuff but lies in the people we love and so I love and really treasure friendships. I have seen so many friendships being formed, so many ‘Friends Forever’ tags being exchanged but have also seen many of my friends drift away. I look back on the memories of days we shared; all I can do is smile and be grateful.
  5. Am not perfect, and neither am I the kind of perfect they paint on the cover of magazines. I have my struggles, I have said things that I didn’t mean and have meant things I didn’t say. I definitely have some could-haves and some should-haves and a few might-have-beens. I have chased dreams and stumbled, I have chased hearts and skinned mine in the process. I have fought and lost but have also fought and won but I have learnt a lot and am no longer afraid of where I will land, I learned to dream from watching the sky fall.
  6. I am a believer, a believer of love at first sight.
  7. What is life?

Well I can become a philosopher and give a deductive argument of how life is a bicycle or a rainbow well, f**K that, all i know is that I may be lost in this life and who said i have to be found, but I’ll tell you one thing, In this life, have had my fair share of rainbows and have learnt that this life doesn’t owe me a forever, this beautiful amazing people in my life, (Including you) don’t owe me a lifetime and all I have is today and I am going to spend all of it making so many memories that when I am bald at 90, with beards grey, and sipping Kenyan tea under a tree, I’ll be a book carrying a thousand stories.