The Riddle


“Out of the eater came something to eat,

And out of the strong came something sweet.”


The Beauty of the Unspoken


The unspokenThere are a myriad stories the stars tell,

The juicy secrets that the shooting stars whisper,

As they descend the steps of atmosphere,

StoriesĀ  of how the sun, passionately kisses the mountain tops,

How the moon, silently howls when the wolves are silent,

Tales of the dark, swimming in the ocean,

The beauty of the unspoken is loud.

Its The Simple Things

Simple things

He talked as if he owned the world,

Maybe he did, after all,

The world is out there for the taking, Right?

Talked of how the moon lite his world,

The stars, serenading him to sleep,

The sun, dancing to the beauty of his dreams,

Told of how romance for life, should not be let go,

And then,

With eyes that spoke of hidden dales and glens of peace,

Valleys in which rivers of joy bubbled, and love oozed,

Looked deep in my Heart and said,

Its the little things in life,

The sun rise and sunset,

The butterfly beautiful, in the wind dancing,

The small blessings we take for granted,

That are priceless treasures.


Sorrow Shore


He lived on the shore,
Learnt to write the sorrows on the sand,
For the sea to wash it away,
Danced in the rain,
For the tears to be drowned,
Smiled with the sun,
To hide the storm of pain,
That wrecked inside,
Told stories of days, that seemed like a beautiful symphony,
Of days beautiful, that passed fast,
Like sand grains through fingers,
Cherished those memories,
For him, to amidst pain, again feel… Human.