Blurred Bloodline.



Water world, what a world,
A vast indistinct ancestry,
Blurred lines of a bloodline,
A lost race,
In the mist,
Fuzzy images of ancestry,
Their blood,
The blood of royalty,
In this blood line- vein,
Flowing in vain,
Like a vane,
Dancing to the music of the invisible wind,
Or like a scream of pain,
Shattering the window pane,
A mother’s wail,
For a bloodline drowned,
A world covered by water…blurred,
Water world, what a world,
Water world,
Of lost laces and dreams drowned,
What a world,
Of lost races for a race lost,
Ooh, what would become of him,
Her son… Hassan.


Terrific Tuesday

slider_pizza_inn2.pngIt was yet another beautiful Tuesday so I thought, seated I was on the balcony thinking about the great products of thought -those genius innovations and ideas; like the electricity, airplane, m-pesa (that should be the first on the list right?), and the not so obvious like the great mafisi mantra ‘we eat even the eaten’. Then there is another genius one ‘Femme koitalel’- that’s the Kalenjin version of femme fatale yes genius. For all these it starts, as a thought however, what the world waits to see is the product of that thought.
That very Tuesday I had the honour of sharing pizza with some great friends and this changed that list of great innovation and ideas of our time. I call it an honour yes, considering I live this side of the Sahara where bread (pizza), is much more expensive than chicken or if you like ‘mpoka’ as my luyha brothers would say and so sitting down to share one cannot be taken for granted, its monumental and worth writing, right?
Since it was end month, ‘the boys’ obviously had chums to rain, so we hit the much esteemed Pizza Inn and God bless this guy who came up with the genius terrific Tuesday- this I suppose is the greatest thought of our time. For those who know not what terrific Tuesday is all about, pull a chair (that is if at all you are not already seated) and let me educate you for a fee of a smile(considering how expensive it is these days). Terrific Tuesday at Pizza Inn is about this amazing offer where you buy two pizzas at the price of one- amazing right. Now that you know, when you have that chance of a bite at that heavenly piece, hope you will smile and not forget to remember me.
Welcoming us to Pizza Inn was a queue of beautiful people (even the ‘yellow yellows’) waiting for their order to be served. And as we sat round that table with expensive smiles on our faces, I could not thank the heavens enough for this blessing- a blessing of pizza on a wonderful Tuesday evening with an even greater blessing of amazing friends –that’s more than a beautiful Tuesday it’s a terrific one.
After that amazing meal, being the African men that we proudly are, we left for our homes to look for the ‘African Pizza –Ugali’ but not before we made a promise to do this the next pay day- that is when the blessing of winning a jackpot looks my way.
An experience it was and forever grateful i am to my friends (la lumiere and company) for this blessing, but come to think of it, there is more to this ‘free’ pizza than what meets the eye. In it, there is sharing; sharing of pizza, love, ideas, thoughts, laughter, and a smile. There is also a tie of family and friendship strengthened or rather, like me, a beautiful friendship created between the heavenly pizza and my great appetite. Therefore, the next time you will be naming the genius products of thought, do not forget to name terrific Tuesday as the first or better still name it twice. *wink*