Music of The Winds

I was that dark cloud in your life, so you said, The ever constant storm that wrecked your world, The half moon that solemnly hang in your sky, Your happiness taking away, filling you with gloom, So in this vessel ‘heartbreak’ I sailed the sea of goodbye, The broken pieces that my heart is, Dancing […]

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Blurred Bloodline.

  Water world, what a world, A vast indistinct ancestry, Blurred lines of a bloodline, A lost race, In the mist, Fuzzy images of ancestry, Their blood, The blood of royalty, In this blood line- vein, Flowing in vain, Like a vane, Dancing to the music of the invisible wind, Or like a scream of […]

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Terrific Tuesday

It was yet another beautiful Tuesday so I thought, seated I was on the balcony thinking about the great products of thought -those genius innovations and ideas; like the electricity, airplane, m-pesa (that should be the first on the list right?), and the not so obvious like the great mafisi mantra ‘we eat even the […]

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The Condemned King

  Oh august king, confess your sins or I’ll attest, To the loyal countrymen how a beast you are best, Or to the cast, That made the dust, Dance to the east, So fast like a fist fest, Ghastly like a ghost in gust, Heading for a heist in the hurst, The truth I’ll insist, […]

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Deep in the woods

Like breathe vapour in the mist, Lost I am in the beauty of words, Covered by its intangible sweetness and light, Washed over by the chirping of crickets, Drowning in the howls of wolves, Deep in the woods of words, Where darkness is light, And lost… found, Dead I come alive.

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Have you ever wondered what the world would be without you? Would it still be the same? Without your touch in it, will it still be as beautiful? I have been in that predicament for far too long.  Have steered my ship without self belief, lifted the anchor and then put it back down, afraid […]

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A Dawn… New

I woke up today, a year older. Looked into the mirror hoping to see even a shred of white i hoped I’d look a little bit wiser, but just like yesterday, dark shiny hair is all that covered my head. Disappointed, i go out slowly sipping my coffee as the first rays of the sun […]

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Like a Phoenix… I Rise.

It’s been a long walk in the mountains and valleys of life A sail through a stormy sea, a flight through the thickest of clouds It’s been rowing a boat with a broken paddle A swim against the rough tide of life It was a crawl in the mud of broken hearts and shattered dreams. […]

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So close…Yet so far.

  The city under the  sun Is where I met this wild flower A lady whose beauty would never be done  justice If make up was part of her face A lady whose smile could only be said as made in heaven A lady, so amazing with mental prowess like no other Ooh… A perfect […]

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