The Teacher


I one day asked papa,

What it takes to be a perfect father,

He looked deep into my misty eyes and said,

“Son I don’t know, coz I aint one”,

“But all I know is am trying”,

“Trying to fit in the big shoes of ‘The Teacher’”,

That Guy, who gave His ONLY son,

Who lived and died for love,

For children His, to live.


Bald, wrinkled,

Grey beards clouding his sagging cheeks,

Dry peaceful eyes, that with each blink,

Tells a happy story of fulfillment,

A golden smile, never fading,

Just like the sun or the sky,

That’s my old man living on love.


When my black hair finally grays,

And my sight fails,

I hope I will have seen enough smiles,

On my children’s hearts,

For me to wear one, on my face,

I hope my children will think me great,

Just the way I think of papa,

For showing me the father perfect.


I hope, in my old man’s shoe I’ll fit,

As on the footsteps of The Teacher, he follows,

I hope when all fades, and grays and strength fails,

Love will be enough, for me to live on,

Just like The FATHER’S love – UNENDING….


Remember ???

remember imageRemember those days,

When day and night were both bright?

When the sun rays and rain drops

Were rays of joy and drops of love?


Remember the little things you used to say,

How love was blind but I should not worry,

Because your body you gave as Braille,

And oh how I learnt every syllable,

Remember how beautiful it was?


Every laughter, every tear Remember?

Remember how in the sea ‘lost’ we still found a home?

That first kiss, Remember how time stood still?



I remember the lies too,

How some constellation had my name, you said,

And stupid me, I nodded and smiled in ignorance,

I still remember how in a life I wanted to live more,

You made me breathe less,

How my world you turned upside down,

When all I wanted was to live inside out,


I remember how the best I gave,

When all you deserved was – better,

And with all this echo that resounds with every heartbeat,

I remember, how empty my world became,

The day you left, never to come back,

That pain, that I won’t forget.


But as each minute, each hour and each day,

Take me further and further away from you,

I will always remember,

The little things we used to say ‘technically yes, technically no’

The songs we sang, that meant everything to us,

I won’t forget,

I will remember and won’t forget,

To miss you, to miss us,

I won’t forget to remember you.

For You

For You

This is for lovers and haters alike,

To them that believe in love,

And them too that think cupid is stupid,

This is for me.

For you,

Who knows love,

As the only hate,


Love and love again,

For to always love,

And love in all ways,

Is a blessing.

For you,

Who knows hate,

As the only love,

One day and day one,

Are different,

So maybe one day,

It will be day one for love,

Zero hate and one love.

For you and me too,

Who flap the Wings of lonely love,

When tomorrow, becomes the today,

That we worried about yesterday,

Love will proudly look our way,

And wink.

Knight Of The Full Moon


Tonight is one of those nights,

Where the day is darker,

The full moon shines,

Raiding the thick darkness of the night,

And as I sit under its grace,

The chirping crickets,

Keep me company,

I look to the heavens above,

And count the twinkling stars,

Naming them the myriad blessings,

The creator has bestowed upon me,

The shooting stars,

Dance to it’s song,

As a music it hums,

The swaying trees,

Joining in,

The distant drums,

Drowned by the howling wolves,

And the hyenas laughter,

It’s that night of the full moon,

And it’s light,

Makes me a knight,

Tall, proud and fearless,

A knight,

A knight of the full moon.

Music of The Winds

music_of_the_wind_by_monika_es-d5bam4kI was that dark cloud in your life, so you said,

The ever constant storm that wrecked your world,

The half moon that solemnly hang in your sky,

Your happiness taking away, filling you with gloom,

So in this vessel ‘heartbreak’ I sailed the sea of goodbye,

The broken pieces that my heart is,

Dancing to the howling music of the winds,

‘I hope’.


As towards the shore of healing i approach,

I join in the great music of the mistral,

I hope there is just sunshine in your world,

The storms, like me gone,

Just light showers,

That you swing your hips in,

Kissing the droplets from the sky,

A blessing, that with my departure came.


I hope your nights have the full moon as its guest,

And the beautiful myriad of stars,

Serenade you to sleep,


In the pyre of dark moments and dead dreams,



I hope every click of the camera,

Is a beautiful picture of a happy family,

Complete and animated in love.

I hope each day is brighter,

And in success and plenty you swim,

Frolicking in the rivers, of beautiful tomorrows.


I hope when you look back,

The world we shared, are ashes,

And all you see is a blurred disfigured face,

An animation done in haste,

Slowly, fading in the mist,

Of dark days and painful storms.


I hope, into the river of life,

You still throw coins,

Making wishes to be Hollywood’s best.


I hope, you hope,

That under this beautiful heavens,

Our paths will one day meet our past,


Blurred Bloodline.



Water world, what a world,
A vast indistinct ancestry,
Blurred lines of a bloodline,
A lost race,
In the mist,
Fuzzy images of ancestry,
Their blood,
The blood of royalty,
In this blood line- vein,
Flowing in vain,
Like a vane,
Dancing to the music of the invisible wind,
Or like a scream of pain,
Shattering the window pane,
A mother’s wail,
For a bloodline drowned,
A world covered by water…blurred,
Water world, what a world,
Water world,
Of lost laces and dreams drowned,
What a world,
Of lost races for a race lost,
Ooh, what would become of him,
Her son… Hassan.

Terrific Tuesday

slider_pizza_inn2.pngIt was yet another beautiful Tuesday so I thought, seated I was on the balcony thinking about the great products of thought -those genius innovations and ideas; like the electricity, airplane, m-pesa (that should be the first on the list right?), and the not so obvious like the great mafisi mantra ‘we eat even the eaten’. Then there is another genius one ‘Femme koitalel’- that’s the Kalenjin version of femme fatale yes genius. For all these it starts, as a thought however, what the world waits to see is the product of that thought.
That very Tuesday I had the honour of sharing pizza with some great friends and this changed that list of great innovation and ideas of our time. I call it an honour yes, considering I live this side of the Sahara where bread (pizza), is much more expensive than chicken or if you like ‘mpoka’ as my luyha brothers would say and so sitting down to share one cannot be taken for granted, its monumental and worth writing, right?
Since it was end month, ‘the boys’ obviously had chums to rain, so we hit the much esteemed Pizza Inn and God bless this guy who came up with the genius terrific Tuesday- this I suppose is the greatest thought of our time. For those who know not what terrific Tuesday is all about, pull a chair (that is if at all you are not already seated) and let me educate you for a fee of a smile(considering how expensive it is these days). Terrific Tuesday at Pizza Inn is about this amazing offer where you buy two pizzas at the price of one- amazing right. Now that you know, when you have that chance of a bite at that heavenly piece, hope you will smile and not forget to remember me.
Welcoming us to Pizza Inn was a queue of beautiful people (even the ‘yellow yellows’) waiting for their order to be served. And as we sat round that table with expensive smiles on our faces, I could not thank the heavens enough for this blessing- a blessing of pizza on a wonderful Tuesday evening with an even greater blessing of amazing friends –that’s more than a beautiful Tuesday it’s a terrific one.
After that amazing meal, being the African men that we proudly are, we left for our homes to look for the ‘African Pizza –Ugali’ but not before we made a promise to do this the next pay day- that is when the blessing of winning a jackpot looks my way.
An experience it was and forever grateful i am to my friends (la lumiere and company) for this blessing, but come to think of it, there is more to this ‘free’ pizza than what meets the eye. In it, there is sharing; sharing of pizza, love, ideas, thoughts, laughter, and a smile. There is also a tie of family and friendship strengthened or rather, like me, a beautiful friendship created between the heavenly pizza and my great appetite. Therefore, the next time you will be naming the genius products of thought, do not forget to name terrific Tuesday as the first or better still name it twice. *wink*

The Condemned King



Oh august king, confess your sins or I’ll attest,

To the loyal countrymen how a beast you are best,

Or to the cast,

That made the dust,

Dance to the east,

So fast like a fist fest,

Ghastly like a ghost in gust,

Heading for a heist in the hurst,

The truth I’ll insist,

I’ll sit and stare as the just,

The great captain with a cup from the kast,

As he sips his last,

A judgment he’ll then pass…and after the mast,

You’ll retire to the crooks nest,

From your throne you’ll be oust,

Glory and power will be a past,

A dawn it will be of a quest,

A fight not to rust like the rest,

And as you drown in that syst,

Where thirst is a test,

In the isle of Unst,

I’ll frolic with a vest,

Swim in the plenty of the vast west,

My name great will echo in every xyst,

And like dough with yeast,

In life i’ll bubble with zest.