Those With Depth…

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Beauty lies in the storm,

When the silver lining is what we phantom,

Beauty lies in the night,

When the moon and stars are knights,

There is beauty in the ocean,

When its waves…are calmed.


Beauty in silence,

Stillness in the dark, the river flows,

We enjoy the calmness,

Never thinking of the battles and chaos,

It has gone through,

We never think of the rough ages,

It had to grow through,

We never see the rough edges,

It had to smoothen,

All that’s clear is the roughages,

That favourite muse,

That the mind feeds on,

We never see the beauty of the stories,

That the river tells.



For every mountain,

There was once an eruption,

For every smile,

The was once a tear,

For every victory,

There was once a war

Reason why,

Those with depth,

Have the lowest volume.


Beneath the beauty,

There is the UNSPOKEN…


The Man I Am

birdsSomeone once told me, the hatch-ling of a bird, looks at the other birds flying and dreams of the day it will flap its wings and join the others. Its dreams though, are sometimes too ambitious, it wonders why the other birds don’t fly to the sun, why they don’t patch on the moon, and it dreams of the day; it will be the first to do so, it will fly better, fly higher, close to the sun, kiss the skies and smile down to the world. But when it’s finally able to fly, it realizes life and flying is not what it thought it was. Those dreams, it shelves some, like ribbons in the wind, fade away.

My life, in more ways than one has been like that hatchling. In this world, have crawled, ate dust as I slowly staggered my way to walking upright. I finally found wings and at times an embrace of the skies was not enough, coz a kiss from the sun, would be a dream come true but just like Icarus, I forgot, my wings were held together by wax and crushing was inevitable.

Have swum in the sea of opportunities and rode on waves of success, but drowned have also been in the mist of loss, sorrow and uncertainties. Have fought and lost but have also fought and won, have had my foot on the sand grains but have also touched the star dust. Dreams have had, some painfully faded, some have come true and some… will never fade.

In pursuit of those dreams that will never fade, have made choices, some wise, some very stupid and regrets I have for that but if have learnt one thing it’s that there are more important things in life than having a nice shoe and accumulating wealth, like having people in your life that you love and care about; that’s invaluable. I have learnt that living is an art, not a science. Its brush strokes and music and words flowing endlessly from one row to the other forming paragraphs. And art, has to mean something, it has to make you feel.

In the train life, when the distance between the lamppost starts to reduce signifying a terminal, I no longer care if its destination success or disappointment, I no longer care if my companion or friend is going to alight or continue with the journey all that matters, is how I make them feel, all that matters, is the impact I have in their lives. What’s important is what we live behind when we are gone, and since tomorrow is but a dream, the token that is today, I’ll use to leave a positive impact in the world.

And in the end I suppose, I have to appreciate the good but also the bad. To struggle through the night if I wish to see the sun rise… And now that I can finally see the shards of sunlight rays engulfing my world, to all the people who have changed my life, for better or for worse am forever grateful. Am proud to say I no longer live a life of volume but that of depth. Am proud to say, I no longer flap my wings with fear, the boy I was is sure so proud of the man have become.


Please mind

With the start of London championships, my thoughts have not been left behind either. They keep doing a marathon in my head and most of it is condemnation of self. My mind seems to feet of its own thoughts today. Maybe it belongs to Mo Farah or better still Usain Bolt because the speed with which it moves today, I can bet with all am worth that it is not Kenyan. (I wish my brothers though all the best in the quest to win medals in their respective races).

First the condemnation starts with the fact that am leaving for a holiday when my (beloved) country is on the casp of greatness (we are heading to Canaan my friends) and yet am here packing my bags leaving. It is not that am scared hell no! My fellow countrymen are wise enough not to fight each other it’s just that the country right now with all this pressure is not good for the soul. Have tried to argue with the mind even proven to it how I believe in the citizens of Kenya by leaving my property behind (even my old baby Mercedes) but guess some fights are not meant to be won right?

Secondly it’s the victory dance my mind is swaying to considering the fact that my parents don’t understand either why am heading for a holiday in August when I should be considerate enough to stand in solidarity with the country and to make matters worse am leaving without a car. Why don’t they understand that a holiday without a car makes it more fun? Why don’t they understand that the pressures of the city at this time is not good for the soul (thank God my boss does).

Third is the fact that am seated next to this beautiful lady in a matatu and with every phone call she speaks her ethnic language so fluently (am jealous). My mind tortures me because I am not fortunate enough to do the same. Please mind stop the torture, I promise that one day I’ll meet this lady again and with all the courage I can muster, with finesse I’ll tweng “Chamge”  and how I  hope she’ll be gracious enough to reply in Kalenjin with a beautiful smile on her face.

So mind, please stop this torture, please mind, allow me to take this holiday in peace. Please mind, find it in your heart (if at all you have a heart) to please learn to tolerate other people’s actions because if you did, just imagine how so at peace you and I could be right now.

So mind, please go for a holiday too, just for a few days.


Yours truly,

The Chito World.


remember image

Like breath vapor in the mist,

or clouds in the sky, fading,

So was your presence in my Life,


Here today, gone tomorrow,

Lost, into the sea of wishes and hopes

Like darkness, at the touch of light.

With my dreams you left,

Leaving me to ponder,

If left was Right,

And if Right, why does it seem wrong…,

How i wish, you were meant to last,

How i wish you were permanent, Forever.


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I Won’t Tell You

World without light

If only you knew,

What that love gave me,

If only you knew,

How it filled my heart.

If only you could understand,

I would tell you how that love gave me everything.

How it taught me to live life,

How it taught me to be a better person,

How it taught me to love and serve others,

But since all you see,

Is what that love took away,

I won’t tell you,

The strength I derived from it,

When life left me broken,

I won’t tell you,

The courage it gave me,

When I had to swim against the tides,

I won’t tell you,

The comforting embrace it gave,

When shadows of worries, engulfed me,

I won’t tell you,

The solid bridge it was,

In the vast sea of uncertainty,

I won’t tell you,

How without that love,

Am world without light,

I Won’t Tell You.

Window Pain

Window pain

Windows, glass walls between us,

I stare, from the outside, cold

With misty eyes, shadowed with gloom,

Breathe vapor, doing a fading dance in the snow,

And like me, slowly it’s lost, in the grip of time.


My heart,

Entangled in hate,

A love so strong,

That shatters panes,

Leaving me in pain,

As pieces rattle and dance,

To the music, of my broken heart.



When all these window pains,

Shatter to a myriad pieces,

Heartache, will be a past,

And peace in my heart, a bridge,

To hold me up, above the storms,

To heal my hurt,

And to my broken, spread cure,

Make me whole,

For love to again,




Have been to mountains and valleys,

Touched the star dust,
And had my foot on the sand grains,
I have danced in the sun rays,
And swung my hips in the rain drops,
In the darkest of nights,
My world, has had fireflies,
As its knights,
In the brightest of days,
My world, has drowned,
Drowned in the sea of tears and fears,
In the years of battle, victory have tasted,
But also on my knees, kissed defeat,
In life,
Have lived, loved,
Laughed and lost,
But, tall I still stand,
Even on bended knees,
Sight I still have,
Even with tears in my eyes,
Of a beautiful rainbow that is tomorrow,
In loss and toss,
Proudly i remain,

The Teacher


I one day asked papa,

What it takes to be a perfect father,

He looked deep into my misty eyes and said,

“Son I don’t know, coz I aint one”,

“But all I know is am trying”,

“Trying to fit in the big shoes of ‘The Teacher’”,

That Guy, who gave His ONLY son,

Who lived and died for love,

For children His, to live.


Bald, wrinkled,

Grey beards clouding his sagging cheeks,

Dry peaceful eyes, that with each blink,

Tells a happy story of fulfillment,

A golden smile, never fading,

Just like the sun or the sky,

That’s my old man living on love.


When my black hair finally grays,

And my sight fails,

I hope I will have seen enough smiles,

On my children’s hearts,

For me to wear one, on my face,

I hope my children will think me great,

Just the way I think of papa,

For showing me the father perfect.


I hope, in my old man’s shoe I’ll fit,

As on the footsteps of The Teacher, he follows,

I hope when all fades, and grays and strength fails,

Love will be enough, for me to live on,

Just like The FATHER’S love – UNENDING….