Like a Phoenix… I Rise.


It’s been a long walk in the mountains and valleys of life

A sail through a stormy sea, a flight through the thickest of clouds

It’s been rowing a boat with a broken paddle

A swim against the rough tide of life

It was a crawl in the mud of broken hearts and shattered dreams.


Lost I was in the hurricane of heartaches, covered in darkness

A darkness so deep and thick that I struggled to float

The future being so bleak and the past so distant

Tears like water on the edge of a rift was a routine of life

All that was left in the scorching sun was a salty crooked eleven on my cheeks.


So frail I was with blisters on every finger

But with every ounce of strength I held so tightly to my dreams

Fought for them with blood and load, shears and tears

Fears lost in the smoke of a better tomorrow that wafted

To the warm crisp air of a daybreak so bright


Like a mighty warrior from the ruins I emerge

With scars, yes! But the murk sticks and fades to the past

As with new found courage I ride into a future bright

Pride I have of where I am, excited of course of where am going

Am not yet there but from the ashes like a PHOENIX … I RISE.