The Condemned King



Oh august king, confess your sins or I’ll attest,

To the loyal countrymen how a beast you are best,

Or to the cast,

That made the dust,

Dance to the east,

So fast like a fist fest,

Ghastly like a ghost in gust,

Heading for a heist in the hurst,

The truth I’ll insist,

I’ll sit and stare as the just,

The great captain with a cup from the kast,

As he sips his last,

A judgment he’ll then pass…and after the mast,

You’ll retire to the crooks nest,

From your throne you’ll be oust,

Glory and power will be a past,

A dawn it will be of a quest,

A fight not to rust like the rest,

And as you drown in that syst,

Where thirst is a test,

In the isle of Unst,

I’ll frolic with a vest,

Swim in the plenty of the vast west,

My name great will echo in every xyst,

And like dough with yeast,

In life i’ll bubble with zest.


Deep in the woods


Like breathe vapour in the mist,

Lost I am in the beauty of words,

Covered by its intangible sweetness and light,

Washed over by the chirping of crickets,

Drowning in the howls of wolves,

Deep in the woods of words,

Where darkness is light,

And lost… found,

Dead I come alive.