Its December yet again and in Africa, especially Kenya, this is a month of a myriad ceremonies and celebrations. Its in December where folks get married, its in December where boys become men ( just wondering is the definition of a man a circumcised boy?) Its in December where old men with beards grey, sit around a pot, close to a fire not roasting chestnuts, but with small tubes in their mouths(mrija – in the local dialect) sipping African traditional beer from a pot.Its in the month of December that grandchildren sit around a fire, their grandparents narrating stories of olden days. Its December, that month of the year where joy sings in the air, and butterflies, fireflies and tiny little children join in the dance.

In Kalenjin community, ( a community blessed with prowess when it comes to foot work – when they cat walk on the beauty pageant, they are crowned miss world Africa, and when they run, they win medals) these ceremonies are called tumin. Each ceremony has its significance but what characterizes all of them is the coming together of the community to share, its the reunion of families in joy and happiness, reminiscing the  good olden days; the memories of days that brought them together and those that taught them how to live, love and laugh, memories that make them who they are.

Here is a song to welcome the festive season the African way. Enjoy


What is Life?


What is life,
If not sun rise and sunset,
What is life,
If not good times and sad times,
What is life,
If not a slideshow of summer and winter,
A slideshow of autumn and spring,
What is life?

What is life,
If not a beautiful dandelion,
That blooms, then in the wind dances,
And slowly…fades,
Gone, like breath vapour in the mist,
What is life,
If not ribbons in the wind,
Seen only for a minute or two,
Then in the mountains, it’s choked,

What is life,
If not positivity in the face of all these negativity,
What is life,
If not hope in the midst of despair,
What is life,
If not love, in the mud of hate,
What is life,
If not a smile in the valley of pain,
What is life,
If not sunshine rays through the raindrops,
What is life,
If not a Rainbow…


Even in These Ruins

in ruins

It started with a name, Human,

Soon, It became heavenly, Angel,

‘I wanna be in your arms forever’, was a song, theirs

The world, their oyster, Beautiful,

And they sure painted it, a rainbow.


In the sun they sung, smiled and the rays of joy, shone,

In the rain they cried, kissed and their hearts, reigned,

Whatever the season, in love they danced,

Found bliss in the warmth of a tango embrace,

Eyes…closed, they missed to spot, the looming mist.


An end of an Era it became, and as the cruel hands of time,

Silently and forever, buries the world they shared,

In the midst of the tears, are memories and hopes, and dreams,

A belief, that even in those ruins, a city lies,

And in the deepest of darkness, like a lily of the valley,

It will once again bloom,

Like a phoenix from the ashes…Rise


The Wright



Seven seas, surround the world tight,

But still we wallow in the mud of pain, clean naught,

What if all we need is a sea, eight,

What if all we need is not water large, but a small bight,

A sea line to dump all plight,

What if in this darkness, all we need is light,

Hope burning bright,

Illuminating, so we won’t lose sight,

Of a better day, even at night,

Fears, drowned not shaking our might,

What if all we need is not flight,

But selfless care, love slight,

A rock to tall stand, like a knight,

Shining armour on body dight,

And for love, fight.


I won’t be condemned a hopeless Wight,

A butterfly, wings I’ll flap, hope a love tornado I’ll height,

In my small way, make the wrongs right,

With a pen, fight,

Write the short falls, a tall height,

Work the foundation like a skilled wright,

Love and care a rock of weight,

Hope, a beam of light.


If only an ounce of wrong, I’ll right,

If only one burden lift from the world’s freight,

A butterfly proud will be a delight,

A love tornado wright…I’ll be hight.

And Life… LIVE

dont worry

The echo from the distant train,

Resounds, with the beat of my restless heart,

Lost in a world I am,

Where beauty,

Is only sunrise and sunset,

Pilfering fingers of worry,

Engulfing night and day…


Evening, dawn for the firefly,

Does it, ever worry,

If the wind, will tomorrow blow,

For it to ride, and flap its wings,

Will another day, dusk,

For it to again, bloom.


Happiness, is vapor in the mist,


If ever you find a hold, embrace it,

And like a firefly,

Spread wings of no worry,

The dark, light

And life… Live.


Those With Depth…

beach landscape sea tree water nature outdoor ocean silhouette sky sun sunrise sunset night sunlight morning lake dawn river summer vacation travel dusk evening orange reflection color scenery clouds beauty florida tropical climate sun down

Beauty lies in the storm,

When the silver lining is what we phantom,

Beauty lies in the night,

When the moon and stars are knights,

There is beauty in the ocean,

When its waves…are calmed.


Beauty in silence,

Stillness in the dark, the river flows,

We enjoy the calmness,

Never thinking of the battles and chaos,

It has gone through,

We never think of the rough ages,

It had to grow through,

We never see the rough edges,

It had to smoothen,

All that’s clear is the roughages,

That favourite muse,

That the mind feeds on,

We never see the beauty of the stories,

That the river tells.



For every mountain,

There was once an eruption,

For every smile,

The was once a tear,

For every victory,

There was once a war

Reason why,

Those with depth,

Have the lowest volume.


Beneath the beauty,

There is the UNSPOKEN…

The Man I Am

birdsSomeone once told me, the hatch-ling of a bird, looks at the other birds flying and dreams of the day it will flap its wings and join the others. Its dreams though, are sometimes too ambitious, it wonders why the other birds don’t fly to the sun, why they don’t patch on the moon, and it dreams of the day; it will be the first to do so, it will fly better, fly higher, close to the sun, kiss the skies and smile down to the world. But when it’s finally able to fly, it realizes life and flying is not what it thought it was. Those dreams, it shelves some, like ribbons in the wind, fade away.

My life, in more ways than one has been like that hatchling. In this world, have crawled, ate dust as I slowly staggered my way to walking upright. I finally found wings and at times an embrace of the skies was not enough, coz a kiss from the sun, would be a dream come true but just like Icarus, I forgot, my wings were held together by wax and crushing was inevitable.

Have swum in the sea of opportunities and rode on waves of success, but drowned have also been in the mist of loss, sorrow and uncertainties. Have fought and lost but have also fought and won, have had my foot on the sand grains but have also touched the star dust. Dreams have had, some painfully faded, some have come true and some… will never fade.

In pursuit of those dreams that will never fade, have made choices, some wise, some very stupid and regrets I have for that but if have learnt one thing it’s that there are more important things in life than having a nice shoe and accumulating wealth, like having people in your life that you love and care about; that’s invaluable. I have learnt that living is an art, not a science. Its brush strokes and music and words flowing endlessly from one row to the other forming paragraphs. And art, has to mean something, it has to make you feel.

In the train life, when the distance between the lamppost starts to reduce signifying a terminal, I no longer care if its destination success or disappointment, I no longer care if my companion or friend is going to alight or continue with the journey all that matters, is how I make them feel, all that matters, is the impact I have in their lives. What’s important is what we live behind when we are gone, and since tomorrow is but a dream, the token that is today, I’ll use to leave a positive impact in the world.

And in the end I suppose, I have to appreciate the good but also the bad. To struggle through the night if I wish to see the sun rise… And now that I can finally see the shards of sunlight rays engulfing my world, to all the people who have changed my life, for better or for worse am forever grateful. Am proud to say I no longer live a life of volume but that of depth. Am proud to say, I no longer flap my wings with fear, the boy I was is sure so proud of the man have become.

Light the Candle

For You


Hi world,  Anon once said “Blowing out someone else’s candle won’t make yours shine brighter…” and sure he was damn right. In our lives, there are those we look up to, as our mentor and role models and there also those whose work inspire a lot in our lives. Not acknowledging them or there great works, does not dim their light neither does it make us shine.

So Today and the days to come i’ll have the honour to share with you inspiring works of great poets most of whom i look up to. Hope you enjoy and better still get the message the poet intended to pass to generations and generations coz sure their work transcends centuries.

First is by  Robert Frost.

The Road Not Taken

Two roads diverged in a yellow wood,
And sorry I could not travel both
And be one traveler, long I stood
And looked down one as far as I could
To where it bent in the undergrowth;
Then took the other, as just as fair,
And having perhaps the better claim,
Because it was grassy and wanted wear;
Though as for that the passing there
Had worn them really about the same,
And both that morning equally lay
In leaves no step had trodden black.
Oh, I kept the first for another day!
Yet knowing how way leads on to way,
I doubted if I should ever come back.
I shall be telling this with a sigh
Somewhere ages and ages hence:
Two roads diverged in a wood, and I—
I took the one less traveled by,
And that has made all the difference.