The Shards of Sunset

shards of sunset 1

Fear does flip flops,

In the pit of my tummy,

As the music of possibility,

Echoes in the theatre of my mind,

Will the next step, be a misstep,

Will tomorrow, stick out forever,

Or like yesterday, fade,

Will my dreams, grow wings and fly,

Or will I, from this mountain, spiral down,


Victories and losses,

Are both battles fought,

Bless the heavens,

Life is not one,

It’s the beauty of the scars and triumphs,

It’s swimming after a drown, flying after a fall,


Is enjoying the ride, no matter the grind,

Before, the tired shards of the sunset,

Makes you take a bow.


Silent Echoes

Silent echoes 1

Forget you’re broken,

And for a second, hearken,

This life is a token,

Too precious to mull over a past, sunken.


Forget you’re broken,

For behold, the sky beckons,

Let the shackles, unspoken,

Be silent echoes that never reckons.


Forget you’re broken,

And again, embrace romance,

Fragment the parts unbroken,

And let the pain, shatter into a trance.


Forget you’re broken,

And fight, let the beauty of strength betoken,

Burn the skeletons, and into the pyre, weakness,

And from the ruins and ashes, rise to greatness.




I loved,

When my head was full of wisps of dark hair,

When my feet were beautiful and tiny,

And my heart, young but full.


I loved,

When spring was ripe and the sun, bright,

When flowers bloomed, and the stars, myriad, worshipped the moon,

I danced to music that two hearts hum,

Joy that drums, when lovers embrace,

I loved, and loved till I learnt, how bitter, sweet love is.


Now I’m old, bald and my beards grey,

But deep down in the crumbling temple of my hazy heart,

Dusty oil lamps of love, still burn,


Maybe life is all about love,

Having the courage, to again love humans,

Even after an angel, breaks your heart.


With nostalgia,

Have a glimpse of the past,

Of days beautiful, when the sun, on the mountains shone,

And of days sad, when the rain, in the valleys, reigned

With pride, look back at the rainbow, that love is,

And feel the beauty of the colours, you painted.