Today I woke up and found myself on the beach, on the sand I lay looking at the horizon waiting for the beautiful sun to show its rays. The breeze from the ocean keeping me company but still so lonely I felt the fading stars and moon at the far distance doing nothing either to take away this loneliness. A thought then crosses my mind – what if this sun that i am patiently waiting for, for the first time never rises. What if instead of the sun rising, the moon with all its splendor and brightness comes back to life. What if for the first time this darkness goes on and on and on…what if?
There are some days in our lives that we would forget if we could but we cannot, they will forever be with us. These are the days that taught us how to laugh and how to love, they are days that make us understand more deeply how precious and beautiful life is. They are days that make us who we are, they are days that are so painful to remember yet too precious to shut out and today, the 26th day of February is one of them.
Several years back a beautiful girl came into my life and made me a believer of the religion “love at first sight” and an angel I called her indeed that’s what she’s been. She brought happiness into my life and a poet she made me; in my every piece I documented her. In life’s scorching sun she became a patch of shade, in its endless desert an oasis she became. She brought so much into my life and made everything, even the obvious, a creation out of this world; the blowing of the wind became a whisper of melody, the emergence of the moon ooh… that was a gorgeous serenade to our love- then one day… she left never to come back.
But even today a day that we could be celebrating another anniversary, I would give anything just to hear her giggle again, I would love to hold her in my arms and softly caress her beautiful long hair. She indeed took a piece of my heart with her when she left. And even though have found a way to live each day without her, a day doesn’t pass without me seeing the beautiful face of the amazing angel in the silent theater of my mind.
The gentle wind blows and touches my face bringing me back to reality. The sun is finally rising like a golden ball framed by the emerald leaves of the coconut tree branches. The sky is streaked orange and the air so crisp, cold and a new day indeed it is. Yes it’s another February the 26th but a first without her. Guess a first of the many…..