Remember ???

remember imageRemember those days,

When day and night were both bright?

When the sun rays and rain drops

Were rays of joy and drops of love?


Remember the little things you used to say,

How love was blind but I should not worry,

Because your body you gave as Braille,

And oh how I learnt every syllable,

Remember how beautiful it was?


Every laughter, every tear Remember?

Remember how in the sea ‘lost’ we still found a home?

That first kiss, Remember how time stood still?



I remember the lies too,

How some constellation had my name, you said,

And stupid me, I nodded and smiled in ignorance,

I still remember how in a life I wanted to live more,

You made me breathe less,

How my world you turned upside down,

When all I wanted was to live inside out,


I remember how the best I gave,

When all you deserved was – better,

And with all this echo that resounds with every heartbeat,

I remember, how empty my world became,

The day you left, never to come back,

That pain, that I won’t forget.


But as each minute, each hour and each day,

Take me further and further away from you,

I will always remember,

The little things we used to say ‘technically yes, technically no’

The songs we sang, that meant everything to us,

I won’t forget,

I will remember and won’t forget,

To miss you, to miss us,

I won’t forget to remember you.