So close…Yet so far.


The city under the  sun

Is where I met this wild flower

A lady whose beauty would never be done  justice

If make up was part of her face

A lady whose smile could only be said as made in heaven

A lady, so amazing with mental prowess like no other

Ooh… A perfect example of how lethal a combination

Beauty and brains can be.

From the ocean to the lake

To the rift and back

A darling she remained

Every night in my dreams i held her

But during the day her beauty I could only phantom

She made the sense of  imagination come alive in me

As castles and castles I built on a vast imaginary world

A castle…..For children ours.

What an honour it was

When the heavens gave me a  token

An opportunity to watch this beauty

As her eyes gave way to  slumber

And her lips forming a smile

Making her face sparkle

As she so quietly -I hoped dreamt of me.

My knees kiss the ground

As my eyes look to the heavens above

My heart perambulating with love

As my mouth professes sweet everything

That the whole of me would fight to give

The day this beauty….. says YES

But until then……

Until the day I’ll hold her in my arms as mine

She’ll remain a love so close yet so far.