Forever And Always

forever and always 2

The sea shore and the sea line,

Have seen and saw the stripped lines,

Of my dreams, that rolls with the rocks and sand,

That stands tall and rocks my world,

Dreams that are close to my heart,

Forever and Always.


The sand grains on the ocean floor,

Have swam in the rain of my tears,

The flowing rivers,

Have drank from my gourd of happiness,

The sparrows and the crows,

Have heard my distant whispers,

And they have flapped their wings,

In the wind of my silent wishes.


The scorching sun,

Has witnessed my sweat and hard work,

The moon and stars,

Have sang songs to drown my fears,

And as darkness fades, and morning draws nigh,

Beneath these dust and cobwebs,

Beneath these bits and pieces of a broken heart,

Lays a promise I intend to keep,

Forever and Always.


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