Silent Echoes

Silent echoes 1

Forget you’re broken,

And for a second, hearken,

This life is a token,

Too precious to mull over a past, sunken.


Forget you’re broken,

For behold, the sky beckons,

Let the shackles, unspoken,

Be silent echoes that never reckons.


Forget you’re broken,

And again, embrace romance,

Fragment the parts unbroken,

And let the pain, shatter into a trance.


Forget you’re broken,

And fight, let the beauty of strength betoken,

Burn the skeletons, and into the pyre, weakness,

And from the ruins and ashes, rise to greatness.

2 thoughts on “Silent Echoes

  1. Thanks a lot @deepdwellers and i do agree with you. The past is so hard to forget after all that is what makes us who we are, but i believe the past is a well where we draw memories both beautiful and sad and also from the well, we draw lessons learnt. Life is a journey and if we dwell in the ‘well’ far too long, we won’t be able to move on and as you say, “I do wish all must be able to…” i wish all, the same too.


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