Even in These Ruins

in ruins

It started with a name, Human,

Soon, It became heavenly, Angel,

‘I wanna be in your arms forever’, was a song, theirs

The world, their oyster, Beautiful,

And they sure painted it, a rainbow.


In the sun they sung, smiled and the rays of joy, shone,

In the rain they cried, kissed and their hearts, reigned,

Whatever the season, in love they danced,

Found bliss in the warmth of a tango embrace,

Eyes…closed, they missed to spot, the looming mist.


An end of an Era it became, and as the cruel hands of time,

Silently and forever, buries the world they shared,

In the midst of the tears, are memories and hopes, and dreams,

A belief, that even in those ruins, a city lies,

And in the deepest of darkness, like a lily of the valley,

It will once again bloom,

Like a phoenix from the ashes…Rise



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