The Wright



Seven seas, surround the world tight,

But still we wallow in the mud of pain, clean naught,

What if all we need is a sea, eight,

What if all we need is not water large, but a small bight,

A sea line to dump all plight,

What if in this darkness, all we need is light,

Hope burning bright,

Illuminating, so we won’t lose sight,

Of a better day, even at night,

Fears, drowned not shaking our might,

What if all we need is not flight,

But selfless care, love slight,

A rock to tall stand, like a knight,

Shining armour on body dight,

And for love, fight.


I won’t be condemned a hopeless Wight,

A butterfly, wings I’ll flap, hope a love tornado I’ll height,

In my small way, make the wrongs right,

With a pen, fight,

Write the short falls, a tall height,

Work the foundation like a skilled wright,

Love and care a rock of weight,

Hope, a beam of light.


If only an ounce of wrong, I’ll right,

If only one burden lift from the world’s freight,

A butterfly proud will be a delight,

A love tornado wright…I’ll be hight.


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