Those With Depth…

beach landscape sea tree water nature outdoor ocean silhouette sky sun sunrise sunset night sunlight morning lake dawn river summer vacation travel dusk evening orange reflection color scenery clouds beauty florida tropical climate sun down

Beauty lies in the storm,

When the silver lining is what we phantom,

Beauty lies in the night,

When the moon and stars are knights,

There is beauty in the ocean,

When its waves…are calmed.


Beauty in silence,

Stillness in the dark, the river flows,

We enjoy the calmness,

Never thinking of the battles and chaos,

It has gone through,

We never think of the rough ages,

It had to grow through,

We never see the rough edges,

It had to smoothen,

All that’s clear is the roughages,

That favourite muse,

That the mind feeds on,

We never see the beauty of the stories,

That the river tells.



For every mountain,

There was once an eruption,

For every smile,

The was once a tear,

For every victory,

There was once a war

Reason why,

Those with depth,

Have the lowest volume.


Beneath the beauty,

There is the UNSPOKEN…


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