Please mind

With the start of London championships, my thoughts have not been left behind either. They keep doing a marathon in my head and most of it is condemnation of self. My mind seems to feet of its own thoughts today. Maybe it belongs to Mo Farah or better still Usain Bolt because the speed with which it moves today, I can bet with all am worth that it is not Kenyan. (I wish my brothers though all the best in the quest to win medals in their respective races).

First the condemnation starts with the fact that am leaving for a holiday when my (beloved) country is on the casp of greatness (we are heading to Canaan my friends) and yet am here packing my bags leaving. It is not that am scared hell no! My fellow countrymen are wise enough not to fight each other it’s just that the country right now with all this pressure is not good for the soul. Have tried to argue with the mind even proven to it how I believe in the citizens of Kenya by leaving my property behind (even my old baby Mercedes) but guess some fights are not meant to be won right?

Secondly it’s the victory dance my mind is swaying to considering the fact that my parents don’t understand either why am heading for a holiday in August when I should be considerate enough to stand in solidarity with the country and to make matters worse am leaving without a car. Why don’t they understand that a holiday without a car makes it more fun? Why don’t they understand that the pressures of the city at this time is not good for the soul (thank God my boss does).

Third is the fact that am seated next to this beautiful lady in a matatu and with every phone call she speaks her ethnic language so fluently (am jealous). My mind tortures me because I am not fortunate enough to do the same. Please mind stop the torture, I promise that one day I’ll meet this lady again and with all the courage I can muster, with finesse I’ll tweng “Chamge”  and how I  hope she’ll be gracious enough to reply in Kalenjin with a beautiful smile on her face.

So mind, please stop this torture, please mind, allow me to take this holiday in peace. Please mind, find it in your heart (if at all you have a heart) to please learn to tolerate other people’s actions because if you did, just imagine how so at peace you and I could be right now.

So mind, please go for a holiday too, just for a few days.


Yours truly,

The Chito World.


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