Music of The Winds

music_of_the_wind_by_monika_es-d5bam4kI was that dark cloud in your life, so you said,

The ever constant storm that wrecked your world,

The half moon that solemnly hang in your sky,

Your happiness taking away, filling you with gloom,

So in this vessel ‘heartbreak’ I sailed the sea of goodbye,

The broken pieces that my heart is,

Dancing to the howling music of the winds,

‘I hope’.


As towards the shore of healing i approach,

I join in the great music of the mistral,

I hope there is just sunshine in your world,

The storms, like me gone,

Just light showers,

That you swing your hips in,

Kissing the droplets from the sky,

A blessing, that with my departure came.


I hope your nights have the full moon as its guest,

And the beautiful myriad of stars,

Serenade you to sleep,


In the pyre of dark moments and dead dreams,



I hope every click of the camera,

Is a beautiful picture of a happy family,

Complete and animated in love.

I hope each day is brighter,

And in success and plenty you swim,

Frolicking in the rivers, of beautiful tomorrows.


I hope when you look back,

The world we shared, are ashes,

And all you see is a blurred disfigured face,

An animation done in haste,

Slowly, fading in the mist,

Of dark days and painful storms.


I hope, into the river of life,

You still throw coins,

Making wishes to be Hollywood’s best.


I hope, you hope,

That under this beautiful heavens,

Our paths will one day meet our past,



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