The Condemned King



Oh august king, confess your sins or I’ll attest,

To the loyal countrymen how a beast you are best,

Or to the cast,

That made the dust,

Dance to the east,

So fast like a fist fest,

Ghastly like a ghost in gust,

Heading for a heist in the hurst,

The truth I’ll insist,

I’ll sit and stare as the just,

The great captain with a cup from the kast,

As he sips his last,

A judgment he’ll then pass…and after the mast,

You’ll retire to the crooks nest,

From your throne you’ll be oust,

Glory and power will be a past,

A dawn it will be of a quest,

A fight not to rust like the rest,

And as you drown in that syst,

Where thirst is a test,

In the isle of Unst,

I’ll frolic with a vest,

Swim in the plenty of the vast west,

My name great will echo in every xyst,

And like dough with yeast,

In life i’ll bubble with zest.



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